Designing Service Expert

Read About Beth, Your Interior Designing Service Expert

We are all made uniquely different, and our homes should reflect who we are.

I love to help people get to the heart of who they are and how they want to use the rooms in their house. Making rooms look great is wonderful, but making rooms that both work and look great is the best. I want to get to know you. What your likes, your needs, and your wants are, and put them into a plan for your home. The outcome of our time together is to create a home you love and are happy to live in.

My mission is to help you determine your style and work with you through the design phase to create a wonderful space for you.

My goal is to create a home that gets to the heart of who you are and to be able to tell your story. That is what gets me excited and keeps me doing what I do.

Why Listen to Me

  • I love to create! That’s what inspires me to inspire you! The design process, the color, fabrics, trims, the proper furniture, art, and accessories get me so excited.
  • I love color! I love to pick a color for your home to create a boisterous, calm, vibrant, relaxing, energizing (you name the adjective) space.
  • I love reimagining old pieces of furniture and giving them new life through paint, fabric, or hardware.
  • I love window treatments, whether they are draperies, side panels, or valances (I can do blinds and shades, too) to add function and beauty to a window.
  • I love to group art and the accessories in your home that mean something to you. Let’s use them to tell your story!
  • I love to educate and empower you as I work on a project in your home. I feel like a proud mama when you take what we’ve talked about and do it!
  • I have a graphic arts degree.
  • I’m certified in redesign, staging, and color.

My Journey

After moving around throughout my life, I settled in the Chicago suburbs. I had a career in banking and then a career selling marketing materials to banks. Ink on paper, color on walls, similar principles apply. It needs to look great and evoke the right feeling! A client introduced me to the world of redesign, and the rest is history. I left my last job after 20 years, started Redesign 2 Shine, and have never looked back!

I’ve been through so many design phases in my own life. My first apartment had sheer red drapes (think bordello), and yes, I went through the country phase (blue, red, and cream, ducks everywhere). My tastes have changed and are always evolving. That’s the beauty of design; it is fluid. I use my house as a testing ground. My husband never knows what color a room will be or where that chair went. My best friends are paint, double-sided tape, and trim, and I believe every room needs a little bling (all my clients know this)! Call me! I want to work with you!